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Solar charger, solar battery charger, solar flashlight, solar battery
iceTech, USA
specializes in manufacturing of high-performing models of: Solar Flashlight, Solar Charger, Solar Battery and Solar Battery Chargers for various mobile electronic devices. We use the most efficient of the commercially available solar technologies and Li-Ion batteries to provide reliable sources of back-up power for your cell phones, mp3 players GPS and field medical equipment.
We also manufacture some of the most unique speakers and reliable headphones on this planet, such as iceKUBE it-20 - acoustic vibration speakers.
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Solar Flashlight Models. Solar Charger, Solar Battery Charger, Solar Battery. Headphones, Unique Multimedia Speakers.

We hope you enjoy our big selection of reliable models of solar charger, solar battery charger, solar battery and solar flashlight, headphones, speaker. Our customers are using them all over the world. We stand behind each model and will make sure you can find the right adapter tip for your device. Contact us if you have any questions.

If you are a wholesaler, distributor or retailer interested in our products, please click here to contact us for available options.

iceTECH, USA: we manufacture reliable solar charger, solar battery charger, solar battery, and solar flashlight, speakers and headphone models for daily use.

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