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iceKUBE IT-24
digital vibration
acoustic speaker

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Woow - Turn any solid surface into an acoustic speaker system!
iceTECH, USA, first in the United States to introduce this new technology, brings you the new updated iceKUBE.

Watch a demo on YouTUBE: click here

This compact device employs the newest acoustic vibration technology which produces fantastic sound through interaction with almost any solid surface!

Mechanical vibrations emanated from the iceKube become vibrating pressure waves, transferring sound to the surface upon which it sits turning it into a part of your acoustic speaker.

Place it on your glass or wooden table, office desk, night stand, counter top or any solid surface, adjust the treble, bass and volume with a convenient remote control and listen to your room come alive with high quality sound.


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Tags: Speaker, vibration acoustic speaker, computer speaker, laptop speaker, multimedia speakers by iceTECH,USA.

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Tags: Speaker, Vibration acoustic speaker, Computer Speaker, laptop speaker,Electronics.

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