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Solar i9005(4K) - Portable Solar Charger / Battery - Solar Battery Charger, Solar iPhone Charger

Solar charger i9005(4K) series from iceTECH (patent pending for the intelligent voltage adjustment system), is capable of voltage and current output on different pre-set levels. It can charge 99% of mobile phones or USB interface digital products (MP3/MP4 players, etc..) which operation voltage is between 4.5V-9V. We recently updated the model to be able to store 4,000 mAh in its internal Li-Ion battery, increasing its capacity by amazing 45%!! Same popular body - better performance!

You can use "SOLAR i9005 4K" battery either to power up your devices under the sunshine directly, or you can also use it to charge up your devices by using "SOLAR i9005 4K" as Portable and rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

"SOLAR i9005 4K" is a convenient tool to have with you on a business trip, while traveling, during the fieldwork, etc. It is a portable, environment-friendly, lightweight, flexible, durable and versatile product.

Watch a demo on YouTUBE: click here


- High solar-to-electric power transformation rate (15%+);

- Fast-charging of your mobile electronic devices;

- Professional overcharge protection circuit;

- High temperature protection;

- Intelligent circuit design to protect over-discharge of the SOLAR battery;

- Patent pending for the technology of intelligent voltage adjustment;

- Double short-circuit protection;

- Tri-color indicator for various voltage modes when charging or discharging;

- LED flash light;

More about the Solar Batteries:

Your "SOLAR i9005 4K" model is very similar to a regular portable battery. When selecting the one that would fit your device look at the battery capacity first.

Anything lower 1000mAh ir really not a serious option and is more of a toy that a practical device.

1000-1500mAh is a good choice for a regular cell-phone, mp3 player, mp4 player, iPod nano and iPod shuffle, KEO Media players, etc.. As long as the device is less than 2.5" screen and is normally recharged by a standard 5V current.

2000mAh and up is quite a potent option that would charge your PDA, Blackberry, Media Player device with a large 3" + screen, portable GPS units such as Garmin NUVi and alike. Of course it will power up the smaller devices as well.

With 4K mAh - you have a portable power bank for yourself and your friends.

Next thing to look at is if the solar battery of your choice has a voltage adjustment option. In the smaller capacity batteries it is a standard 4.5-5V output. When your device is also designed for a 5V INPUT - it is a good match. However in case your phone needs more - it will not be charged as effectively. It will still get some energy but it will take longer time to charge it and the weaker type of a solar battery will just quickly exhaust itself.

That is why you need a bigger battery capacity in this case and an adjustable voltage output. This enables the battery to use its charge effectively and MOST IMPORTANT - prolonges the lifetime of the battery in the device being charged! This factor some of the solar batteries manufacturers are not commenting on, as it would kill the sales of their models designed without such feature.

As for the battery itself, you can either charge it from the AC (~8hrs) and take with you as a back-up energy source, or charge it from the Sun (~10-12 hrs for 70%, 16-18 hrs for 100% ).

When you need to charge your device (cell-phone, PDA, mp3 player, etc..) from the battery:

- plug the bundled adapter cord into the battery;

- attach a correct tip that fits your device to the adapter cord;

- connect your device to the battery;

- make sure the voltage selector switch on the battery matches the required input for the device you are planning to charge (if you do not know the INPUT voltage of your device - you can find it on the charger block that you are usually using for it. Carefully examine it, looking for an imprint that would say something like INPUT:5V and make sure you put selector on "SOLAR i9005" to match it);

- ATTENTION!: do not set a higher voltage output than required by your device, as it may damage it, and avoid overheating the charger over 150F - this may damage the internal Li-Ion battery;

- Once all is ready: the voltage is selected and cords are connected - switch the power button to ON;

- LED indicator on the "SOLAR i9005 4K" will light up (red/orange/green) and in 1-5 seconds your device should indicate that it is being charged.

It would usually take about the same amount of time to power your device from "SOLAR i9005 4K" as it would from an AC outlet.

*** In case you want to charge your iPOD or any other device that normally can be charged from computer's USB port - use your device's cord for the USB and plug it into the battery's USB port directly.

*** If you have enough sunlight you can keep the "SOLAR i9005 4K" open while charging your cell-phone or other device. This will allow the battery to simultaneously power up your device and recharge itself from the Sun.

*** Your "SOLAR i9005 4K" Charger is also equipped with a powerful ultra-bright LED light that is powered from the built-in Li-Ion battery. It will work for about 200+ hours on one battery charge.

We have a large variety of power adapters available to match virtually any device. If the bundled adapters do not work with your cell phone, etc.. and you do not see a compatible one in our online store - let us know and we will try to help you get the right one.

We hope you enjoy our big selection of reliable Solar Batteries, Solar Battery Chargers and Solar iPhone Charger models. They all were tested all over the world and are warmly accepted by our US customers. We stand behind each model and will make sure you can find the right adapter tip for your device. Contact us if you have any questions.


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Solar charger, solar battery charger, solar battery by iceTECH,USA.

We hope you enjoy our big selection of reliable solar charger models. They all are tested and used daily all over the world and are warmly accepted by our US customers. We stand behind each solar charger model. Contact us if you have any questions.

If you are a wholesaler, distributor or retailer interested in our products, please click here to contact us for available solar charger options.

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