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Solar Charger - i12K - for Laptops, iPad, Kindle, etc.

Solar i-12K series from iceTECH (patent pending for the intelligent voltage adjustment system) is the most potent portable solar charger/battery combo on the market in its class today. It is capable of voltage and current output on different pre-set levels.

It can charge 99% of laptops, mobile phones or USB interface digital products (MP3/MP4 players, etc..) which operation voltage matches one of the output modes: 5V(USB), 16V/ 19V/ 22V/ 24V.

You can use SOLAR i-12K charger either to power up your devices under the sunshine directly, or you can also use it to charge up your devices by using it as portable battery.

SOLAR i-12K is a convenient tool to have with you while on a business trip, while traveling, during the fieldwork, etc. It is a highly durable, portable, environment-friendly and versatile product.


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Solar charger, solar battery charger, solar battery by iceTECH,USA.

We hope you enjoy our big selection of reliable solar charger models. They all are tested and used daily all over the world and are warmly accepted by our US customers. We stand behind each solar charger model. Contact us if you have any questions.

If you are a wholesaler, distributor or retailer interested in our products, please click here to contact us for available solar charger options.

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