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"Duette" i308-p Portable Stereo Speaker with built-in Li-ion battery

“DUETTE” i308 speaker is a unique audio technology piece that is simply a must-have item for any owner of a portable audio device. Say goodbye to long audio wires and constant search for power outlets. Now you can enjoy your favorite music and share it with your friends while traveling, anywhere you go. This cool technology from iceTECH allows you to enjoy freedom at all times and places. Its two loud speakers are all compactly packed in the stylish and durable plastic body. This mini sound box delivers a whole new level of powerful and high quality audio output.

i308 speaker is equipped with built-in rechargeable high capacity Li-Ion battery that can be conveniently charged via USB interface, saving you money and worries.

Amazing 2W+ of clear music come as a totally unexpected power gift from this iceTECH mini. Enjoy your music and share it with friends. Use it as external loudspeaker for your computer or cell-phone, or just have your own portable dance party anywhere!


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Tags: Speaker, vibration acoustic speaker, computer speaker, laptop speaker, multimedia speakers by iceTECH,USA.

We hope you enjoy our fine selection of speaker models. They are used daily all over the world and are warmly accepted by our US customers. We stand behind each speaker model. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Tags: Speaker, Vibration acoustic speaker, Computer Speaker, laptop speaker,Electronics.

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