*these are just those devices that we know are compatible with our chargers. Please let us know if you used your charger to power up something that is not listed and you will receive a 25% discount on your next purchase with iceTECH, USA!

  Solar Battery / Charger Compatibility Chart  
  MODEL: i-9005  

mp3 / mp4 / media players

KEO MP-405, KEO MP-407, KEO MP-837FM, KEO MP-837, TEO MP-301, KEO MP-833

Sandisk (all models)

Philips (all models)

SONY (all models)

Archos (all models)

ZUNE (all models)

Toshiba (all models)

GPX (all models)

Ultra (all models)

E-Tec(all models)

Apple iPod, Apple iPod Shuffle, Apple iPod Nano, Apple iPod U2, Apple iPod Mini,

Creative Technology Zen Micro*

Motorola ROKR Cellular Phone/MP3 Mobile Device

Digital Cameras (Photo / Video)

Any camera with standard mini-USB power port charger option.




all Verizon PDAs



2125, 8125, 8525


900, 818 Pro, 838 Pro


MTeoR, P3300, P3600, P4350, S620, TyTN


JASJAR, SP3, SP3i, SP4m, JAMin, K-Jam, Jam, PDA2k


Phantom Series, KE413, KE413C, KX413, KE414, KE414C, KX414, Rave/K10 Royale Phone Series, K9, K10, K433, K434, KE433, KE433C, KE434, KX433, KX434, Blade Phone Series, KE424C, KX424


4010, 4011, 4015, 4020, 4050, 7050, A7110, B2050, C1200, C1300, C1500, C2000, C2200, C3300, C3310, C3320, CE500, CG300, F2250, F2400, F7200, F7250, F9100, F9200, L1100, L1150, L1200, L1400, L5100, P7200, S5200, U300, U8110, U8120, U8130, U8138, U8150, U8180, U8290, U8330, U8360, U8380, U880, U890

LG Chocolate



A630, A830, A835, A920, A925, A1000, C331 and C332 (TDMA versions), C333 (CDMA with antenna), C341, C343, C353 (TDMA), C975, E310, E550, E1000, MPx220, ROKR, T280i, T300p, T720, T720i, T721, T721i, T722i, T730, T731, V70, V260, V262, V265, V300, V400, V500, V505, V525, V545, V547, V550, V551, V600, V620, V635, V710, V810, V975, V1050, V60, V60i, V60c, V60p(PTT), V60s, V60t, V60t Color, V60g, V60x, V66, V66i, V120c, 120t, 120x, 120c, 120e, 270c, 280, phones and V200 Personal Communicator, A780, E770v, E1070, L6, PEBL, RAZR V3, RAZR V3i, RAZR V3x, SLVR, V360, V360v


2004 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup SeriesTM Driver Phones, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup SeriesTM Driver Phones, i205, i265, i275, i305, i315, i325, i325 IS, i355, i530, i560, i605, i710, i730, i733, i760, i830, i836, i850, i860, i870, i930


E60, E70, 1100, 1101, 1110, 1221, 1260, 1261, 1600 2260, 2270, 2285, 2300, 2600, 2650, 2652, 3100, 3105, 3108, 3120, 3200, 3220, 3230, 3285, 3300, 3350, 3360, 3361, 3390, 3395, 3510, 3510i, 3520, 3530, 3560, 3570, 3585, 3585i, 3586, 3586i, 3588i, 3589i, 3590, 3595, 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 5100, 5140, 5140i, 5210, 5510, 6020, 6021, 6030, 6060, 6100, 6108, 6170, 6200, 6220, 6225, 6230, 6230i, 6260, 6310, 6310i, 6340, 6340i, 6360, 6370, 6385, 6510, 6560, 6585, 6590, 6590i, 6600, 6610, 6610i, 6620, 6630, 6650, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6800, 6810, 6820, 6822, 7200, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7260, 7270, 7280, 7380, 7600, 7650, 7700, 7710, 7600, 7610, 7650, 8260, 8265, 8265i, 8270, 8290, 8310, 8390, 8800, 8910, 8910i phones, 9210i, 9290, 9300, 9300i, 9500 Communicators, N-Gage and N-Gage QD;

N70, N71, N72, N73, N80, N80ie, N90, N91, N918GB, N92, N93, E61, E62, 770, 2865i, 3155i, 3250, 5500, 6070, 6080, 6101, 6102, 6102i, 6103, 6111, 6125, 6126, 6131, 6133, 6136, 6151, 6155i, 6165i, 6233, 6265i, 6270, 6280, 7360, 7370


XDA Exec, XDA Mini Pro, XDA Mini S, XDA SP, XPhone II and XPhone IIm, XDA IIs


SPV C500, SPV C550, SPV M500, SPV C600, SPV M600 and SPV M3000, SPV M2000


8010, 8020, 9100, 9000, S100, S110 and S200, Qtek 9090


MY-X2, MY-X3, MY-X5, MY-X6, 3000 series (except 3078, 3088, WA3050), 900 series


SCH-A210, SCH-A310, SCH-A399, SCH-A475, SCH-A505, SCH-A509, SCH-A530, SCH-A539, SCH-A563, SCH-A564, SCH-A570, SCH-A591, SCH-A592, SCH-A595, SCH-A599, SCH-A610, SCH-A650, SCH-A670, SCH-A795, SCH-A809, SCH-N181, SCH-N181, SCH-N182, SCH-N191, SCH-N195, SCH-N288, SCH-N330, SCH-N370, SCH-N375, SCH-X199, SCH-X209, SCH-X309, SCH-X319, SCH-X359, SGH-A200, SGH-A288, SGH-A300, SGH-A308, SGH-A400, SGH-A408, SGH-A500, SGH A561, SGH-A608, SGH-A800, SGH-C100, SGH-C130, SGH-C207, SGH-C225, SGH-C417, SGH-D100, SGH-D307, SGH-D347, SGH-D357, SGH-D407, SGH-D415, SGH-D500, SGH-D600, SGH-D800, SGH-E100, SGH-E105, SGH-E300, SGH-E315, SGH-E316, SGH-E317, SGH-E330, SGH-E330N, SGH-E350, SGH-E335, SGH-E370, SGH-E400, SGH-E600, SGH-E630, SGH-E635, SGH-E700, SGH-E710, SGH-E715, SGH-E760, SGH-E770, SGH-E800, SGH-K528, SGH-N200, SGH-N400, SGH-N500,SGH-N620, SGH-N625, SGH-N628, SGH-P107, SGH-P207, SGH-P400, SGH-P408, SGH-P510, SGH-P735, SGH-Q100, SGH-Q200, SGH-Q208, SGH-Q300, SGH-R200, SGH-R208, SGH-R210, SGH-R210S, SGH-R220, SGH-R225, SGH-R225M, SGH-S100, SGH-S200, SGH-S208, SGH-S300, SGH-S300M, SGH-S307, SGH-S308, SGH S500, SGH-T100, SGH-T108, SGH-T200, SGH-T208, SGH-T209, SGH-T309, SGH-T319, SGH-T410, SGH-T400, SGH-T408, SGH-T500, SGH-T609, SGH-T619, SGH-T709, SGH-T719, SGH-V100, SGH-V200, SGH-V205, SGH-V206, SGH-X100, SGH-X105, SGH-X426, SGH-X427, SGH-X427M, SGH-X450, SGH-X460, SGH-X475, SGH-X480, SGH-X495, SGH-X497, SGH-X507, SGH-X600, SGH-X640, SGH-X660, SPH-A420, SPH-A580, SPH-A640, SPH-A900, SPH-M500, SPH-T100


SPH-A920, SPH-A940, SPH-A820, SPH-A560, SPH-A880, SPH-A800, SPH-A740, SPH-A760, MM-A700, VM-A680, SPH-A660, SPH-A600, VGA1000, SPH-N400, SPH-A500, SPH-N240, SPH-A460


MM-5600, MM-7400, MM-7500, MM-8300, MM-9000, PM-8200, RL-4920, RL-4930, SCP-200, SCP-2400, SCP-3100, SCP-4900, SCP-5300, SCP-5400, SCP-5500, SCP-7200, SCP-7300, SCP-7500, SCP-8100, SCP-8200, SCP-8400, VI-2300, Katana and MVP


903, 902, 802, 703, GX30i, GX30, GX25, GX17, GX15, 770SH


A51, A52, A53, A55, A57, A60, A62, A65, A70, A75, AL21, AL72, AL75, AL76, AX21, AX72, AX75, AX76, C55, C60, C62, C65, C70, C72, C75, CC55, CC60, CC62, CC65, CC70, CC72, CC75, CF62, CF75, CF110, CFX65, CL75, CX65, CX70, CX75, M55, M60, M65, M75, MC55, MC60, MC65, MC75, ME75, S55, S65, S75, SP55, SP65, SP75, SF65, SK65, SL55, SL65, SL75, SG75, SXG75, SX1

Sony Ericsson

A2218z, A2618, A2618s, A2628, A3618s, F500i, J210i, J300i, K300i, K500i, K508i, K600i, K608i, K700i, P800, P900, P910i, R300d, R300LX, R300z, R320, R320s, R380 WORLD, R380e, R380s, R520m, R600, S700i, T20e, T20s, T28 WORLD, T28z, T29, T29s, T39m, T60c, T60d, T61c, T61d, T61LX, T61z, T62u, T65, T66, T68, T68i, T100, T105, T200, T226, T230, T290i, T300, T306, T310, T316, T600, T610, T616, T620, T630, V600i, V800, Z200, Z300i, Z600, Z800i, Z1010


Sprint PM-8920, Sprint VI600


MDA Vario, MDA Vario with Co-Pilot, MDA, MDA Pro, MDA Compact II, SDA, SDA Music and Dash, MDA III